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Biography : Korn

The band LAPD changed its name to Korn in 1993 after Jon Davis of Sexart joined the band.

Korn was formed in Bakersfield, a suburb of Los Angeles, in 1993 by members of two bands called Sex Art and L.A.P.D. (Lova And Peace Dude). After having recorded their debut album they quickly became one of the most popular bands within heavy music and they were one of the first bands to mix hip hop with heavy downtuned guitars. Korn influenced hundreds of other bands and the so called nu-metal genre was born. In February 2005 MTV reported that guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, a founding member of Korn, had left the band and had rededicated his life to Christianity, according to the group's management. In August 2005 the band signed a new two album contract with the EMI subsidiary Virgin Records.

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