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What you hold in your hands is the first official LIVE album in King Diamond's long celebrated career, which was recorded during the 2003 North American Tour. Very few artists have come along and made such an impact on the metal scene as King Diamond has. “Deadly Lullabyes” is the perfect way for new and old fans to experience King's live act if they have never made it to one of his infamous live shows. Even if you have been lucky enough to experience King live, this CD is a definite must for any fan of King's illustrious career as it contains both new and old favorites.

"The new double live album simply KICKS ASSSSSSS!!!! Top notch performance by everyone involved, including our amazing audiences. I don't think I have ever heard the old classic Diamond songs performed this well and this close to the originals. I speak for everyone when I say, that we have never had as much fun on stage as we had on this last tour, and it shows when you listen to the album. This is the ultimate King Diamond line-up at work ON STAGE. For my own part, my voice is stronger than ever, and singing old songs like "Welcome Home" gives me more pleasure today than ever before. It's all there for our fans to hear, a King Diamond show from beginning to end, RAW * IN YOUR FACE * LOUD * MOODY * BRUTAL * HORROR * and AWESOME AUDIENCE SING-ALONGS * it's KING DIAMOND LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!"

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.metalblade.com