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The band INTRA SPELAEUM (Latin: "in a cave") was founded in the spring of 2010 by two members: guitarist and keyboardist Michael «Kron» (Empty Shell, ex-Melancholy) and singer Ilya «Wolfenhirt» Gura (Svarga). A little later they were joined by bassist Igor «Geralt» Stepanov. From the very beginning, the music of the newly formed band was conceived in the spirit of classic Doom Metal 90s (Tiamat, My Dying Bride, Saturnus, Septicflesh), but with a more modern sound and gloomy lyrics in Russian.
At the beginning of 2011 EP «Твоё Имя, Твоя Память…» («Your Name, Your Memory...») was released. It included two songs: «Твоё Имя, Твоя Память…» («Your Name, Your Memory...») and «Я Выдержу Всё» («All I Can Take»). Soon, the band is joined by drummer Sergey «Zahaar» Zakharov (Svarga) and INTRA SPELAEUM began to rehearse actively. In May 2011, in the Moscow club «Rock House» debut concert had passed, after which the group continued to record the album. December 2, 2011 on the label SvaSounrd Records the first full-length album of INTRA SPELAEUM was released. It was decided to left it without a name. The album was attended by Anna «Alruna» Oklejewicz (viola, violin) and Irina «Risha» Lvova (cello). CD was mixed and mastered by Alex Stetsyuk (Drygva) on DRYGVA Studio.
Unlike similar groups playing in the same stylistic direction, INTRA SPELAEUM has several advantages. First, the powerful Russian-language texts. Secondly, the vocals on the album is very diverse and range varies from the mystical whisper to a mad growl. Third, several compositions present cello, violin and viola, that gives the gloomy notes to the music. The album was warmly received by fans of the genre and highly regarded by many music portals.
In the summer of 2012 INTRA SPELAEUM took part in recording of the compilation «A Tribute To Master. XXV» with the song «Семь Кругов Ада» («Seven Hells»). In the autumn of the same year the band released online single «Withering Cometh» with the participation of the singer Demether (Grailight, ex-Arcane Grail). This single became the first English-language track of the group. During 2012 INTRA SPELAEUM gives several concerts in Russia and Belarus.
January 27, 2013 team was leaved by one of the founding members - vocalist and songwriter Ilya «Wolfenhirt» Gura. INTRA SPELAEUM decided not to take a break, but to immediately begin working on their new songs. And in May, INTRA SPELAEUM performed the new song called «Пожар» («The Fire»). In 2013, the city of Kaliningrad was visited by the group for the first time. After that the team appeared in a number of concerts and started recording the new album. In February 2014 «Пожар» («The Fire») with live flutes played by Anastasia Tishyna was released. Full-length album release is scheduled for 2014 year.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/pg/intraspelaeumdoom