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Infinity is an audial form of chaos / death / destruction / occultism and a dedication to the dark gods of chaos "the Ancient Ones"
who dwell beyond the borders of the (human) limited dimensions and reality, awaiting the opening of the gates...
Infinity is the enemy of humanity and represents rebellion and blasphemy against the holy trinity and it's weak followers
We live the Black Metal Cult and our dedication goes far beyond music.


1995 : Infinity was formed by Balgradon, Draconis and Nebiros. After several line-up changes, gigs and the first demo “Corvus Corax” ('98). Draconis and Nebiros left the band because of personal reasons.

2001 : In the winter of 2001 Balgradon recorded 4 songs in his "Vortex Studio" (Zevenhuizen, The Netherlands). After the recordings Quasar joined Infinity as guitarist and in a few month's time they wrote several songs for the first full-length album.

06/06/2003 : “Nostalgia For The Dark Age” was released through Spectral Arts Productions.

2003 : Andras joined Infinity as second guitarist.

2004 : "The Birth Of Death" was released through Total Holocaust Records.

2005 : "Enter Thy Labyrinth Of Hell" was released through Total Holocaust Records.

2006: Quasar left Infinity. Balgradon and Andras started writing new material.

2007 : Infinity performed some live gigs together with RSDX and PZ of Weltbrand. Balgradon and Andras composed & recorded the 4th album together. Draconis joined Infinity again and will be the second guitarist for the coming live gigs.

2008 : "The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows" is released at Hallowmass 31th Oktober 2008 through Bloodred Horizon Records.