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Biography : In Extremo

Somewhere in 1994, a rock band named Noah, plays with Corvus Corax in a club. Corvus Corax calls themselves a medieval rock band. From that time there are the following ideas: on the one hand to play medieval music, and on the other hand, make some rock music, like they already did. The combination between both bands could be described as a succes, so the next step was to practice uneven beats, double bass and medieval sounds.

Shortly after that period, two guys from Noah formed a duo by the name of Pullarius Forzillo, and also played medieval music, like Corvus Corax. But the connection between medieval music and rock music wasn't letting them sleep, so sometime in 1995 there was made a decision on the whole thing. They attracted a few new musicians and started a new band. In Extremo.

In the spring of 1996, recordings of a democasette took place. In that time, the third bag- player showed up. It was going to be a year of a lot of rehearsals and stress.
But they made more progress than expected and in the spring of 1997, the first acoustic cd could be released.
The period that follows was rather discouraging. No record company gave them any attention, but Einhorn was able to get a few rock concerts on medieval markets.

However, the first real rock concert was in March 1997 in front of 1000 people at the Leipzig town hall market.
After a few changes in the line- up, the members decided to give theirselves nick names. Apperantely it was important in the Middle ages to have such a name, so why not…
𘹮 began with the thougt that the rock should be more than a small piece of the act. So they enlarged the rock sound and kept the medieval instruments as well. That year the found themselves back in a studio, recording their debut album in almost 14 days. Meanwhile they have a lot of succes with the new formule of rock/ metal music with the medieval touch.
In 1999 they played on their first big festival, Dynamo Open Air in Mierlo, the Netherlands. After that, they had a tour through Europe, and in 2000 they even played in the USA and Mexico.
From that time on, they played a lot of gigs, and still their star is rising. In 2001 they recorded their latest album.

Almost all their lyrics are in German, which does sometimes reminds me of Rammstein. The names of the members are not known, we only get to see their nick- names.