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Combine pure fucking old school heavy metal, brutal Death/Black vocals, and enough groove, blastbeats, and power to crush a ten ton brickwall, and you get GRIMFIST.
This new metal band hails from Norway, and the collaboration between members Ole Walaunet (guitar/bass), Horgh (drums), and Frediablo (vocals), has thus far resultet in 10 tracks of insane, grinding metal of the highest order, with absolutely no middleground. By combinding elements of death metal, black metal, & old school heavy metal, they have managed to create a highly original style of their own.Debut album titled 'Ghouls Of Grandeur', will once again prove to show that Norway is still one of the top leading countries to produce high quality extreme metal.

Founded in October 2001, and signed to Candlelight Records. Debut album was recorded in Abyss Studios in Sweden, March 2003, and was mixed by Peter Tägtgren. GRIMFIST and debut album Ghouls Of Grandeur, will blow your head clean off with it's monsterous sound and fury. In this world only the strong survive, and these ghouls are here to stay.