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Well, where to start?

I think it was in the late summer of 2005, when me and the other guitarist Niclas Boman started to think about forming a band, something heavy, fast and melodic. We started to write some material, at that time, just two of us. We were two guitarists and one singer, but we needed a drummer, a good one. But its hard to find a good drummer in this town, so we just more or less gave up the idea. But one day it came to my mind that I knew a drummer, and yeah, I've heard that he should be a good drummer, so I asked him to come over to our rehearsal place and play some music with us. I can say that we just stood there, and also we were shocked and kind of stunned. And then I said like "Damn that fuck knows how to play", so he was good, and still he is.

I think we actually formed the band when we found him, around October 2005, but that's not it, he played with another man in another band, and not just a regular man, a bassplayer. With a nickname sounding something like "Berka", he "kinda" scared us in the beginning. He is a big boy, and his voice is really brutal, but he is also a friendly, good one. The lineup was kind of finished, we thought. We started with this song we never really putted a name on. The band thought that this shit was really good, and yeah it rocked in my mention. But we did miss something. Hmm, maybe a keyboardsound was missing? And yeah I knew one who knew how to play, Jasper. I called him, and he came by. The missing part was the synthersizers, and now the lineup was totally complete.

After some rehearsals and some chats, the first song was kind of trashed, with friendly words. We started on a new song, a song who later should be called "Förräderi". And that song is still with us, and I'm pretty sure that everyone in the band enjoys the song. With texts about Viking mythologi, fast and at some parts progressive music, we agreed in what music we should be playing.

We also agreed to write the lyrics in Swedish, just because of the reason that probably every Viking-related metalband has. The songs sounds more powerful and realistic in the mother tounge.
The second song, "Ödets stig" was up on the table, and we were going to make a really good one this time, almost quite as good as the former one. Actually it became even better.

Then the father of our drummer asked us if we wanted to play in public, well, a small gig in a pub in our hometown. We all took it very well and we got 15 minutes to fill up with our high-quality-heathen metal. With just two songs in the baggage, we had to write a new, third song. This song got the name "Ändlösa Frågor" (eternal questions).

Well what to do after the gig, stop playing the music? No, we got a new start, and it felt so at least for me. We came up with the song "Hel". Well I thought it was kind of good, but I did not think that it was that good like the others. But to be honest, I think it is the best song at this moment.

We started to record our first demo in a studio called dB studios, altogether with our sound engineer Daniel Beckman. And all of the recordings were done during the month of January. With a professional sound, great musicians and great atmosphere, we managed to release our first demo, entitled “Ändlösa Frågor”. So, a demo with four eternal questions, and all of them with their own history.

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