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Faith was founded back in 1984 by the three guys that have been the heart of the band ever since: Roger Johansson - guitars, Christer Nilsson - bas and vocals and Peter Svensson - drums. The first year another guitar player, Jorgen Thuresson, was also a member of the group.

The idea with the music was not to beat any speedrecord whatsoever but to make extremly heavy songs. The first compositions were based on Roger's dark chord-changes and Christer's lyrics that mainly were taken from Swedish history and lore. These first songs were recorded two cold days in January -85.

Quite soon after the first demo the band started the hard work of experimenting with weird beats and even more crazy chord-changes. After a tremendous amount of rehersals the "Faith"-demo was recorded. The result of this demo was pretty close to symphonic rock, however, yet very heavy.

During the summer of -85 Jorgen left the band and the music became a bit more back to basics. The tempo increased and the songs were simplified. After Jorgen left, Roger Berntsson joined the band and took over the microphone and after some "serious saving" Faith had the financial possibility of producing their own first record. The result was a two-track single that was named "Hymn of the Sinner", a guitar-based production somewhat close to the first demo in style.

After just few months, Roger Berntsson left the band due family reasons and Zenny Hansson took over. Zenny was a wonderful singer with really amaizing voice-resources. Unfortunately, other bands agreed with this and the richest of them - Destiny - gave Zenny an offer he couldn't refuse. He therefore packed his things and moved to Gothenburg to join them.

Christer had to "dust off" his throat once again and do the vocals on the nextcoming production that was recorded in the hometown of Faith: Karlshamn. This demo - "Insanity" - did not really come out the way the band expected but it was also in a period of trying new band members and different material.
Around new year 86/87 a new re-organisation was implemented and a guitarist named Peter Zweiniger joined. A few cover songs were put in between "the oldies" and Faith made quite a few gigs around southern Sweden. Faith also went east and made a successful tour in Finland.

Peter Svensson moved to Gothenburg, Roger and Christer stayed in the south but were busy with work and parties. However, the three all the time had different projects going on probably also with the idea and dream of getting their band back together again.

So, therefore it was a natural step to take when Peter moved back to Karlshamn to meet and let the E minor scream out of the Marshall speakers. The E minor was of course immediately followed by some other chords and very soon a pretty nice bunch of new songs were finalized. In the exitement of getting back together Faith was re-united in July -95 the band went to the same studio as they recorded "Hymn of the Sinner" in to put the new ones on tape. This turned out well and "In the twelfth hour", as it called, contains the old energy and ideas but maybe it's a little bit matured.

Family and work situation again made the band to put it all on hold shortly after the recordings of "In the twelfth hour". For the second time a long period of time passed before Faith was resurrected. In winter of 2002/2003 the members wanted to quit the project they were in at that point and had a desire of playing together under own flag again. Niclas Johansson, the man behind Stormbringer Productions, was approached and the decision was taken to commence a project together.

Old songs were dusted off, slightly rearranged and during summer 2003 the band was to be found in Soundpalace for yet more recording sessions. Guest appearances were made by friends e.g. Janne Stark, Jorgen Thuresson and Anders Smedenmark. The result of these hot days in the studio was the first full length album by the band; "Salvation Lies Within" released as a gatefold vinyl LP, numbered and with the first 150 ea. in yellow vinyl including a 1987 promotion poster. The reviews in various media (to be found in another location on this site) were very positive although the bands music still is, as someone commented, "nothing for the trendies". In August 2003 Faith also did their first gig in over 16 years (!) at the reborn Rockslagsfestivalen and in December Faith did a show together with their colleagues in Overdrive, a truly nostalgic evening for the 80's metal connoisseur...

In early 2004 Faith was in contact with the Italian label Doom Symphony and soon a one record deal was signed.

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