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Empty is formed in 1995 when Maligner and B. Sanety decided to make a band in order to satisfy their darkest musical feelings. In 1996 Kurgan is incorporated and the first songs were composed with him, in a more simple and raw wave. Drizzt arrives in 1997 playing the bass. Later, in 1998, Kurgan was expeled out, so Drizzt took charge of the arrangements of the old songs and composition of the new ones.In 1998 Vanth fisrtly appears as a session guitar player, but later he became a permanent member of the band. This caused an important improvement for the band, as technical as compositive. Between 1998 and 1999 the first gigs take place. Due to friends requests a rehearsal was recorded, which was distributed to zines and radio-stations.

In the year 1999 the band decided to manage without Sanety and to include Sergh as the new drummer, which previously had played with Thrash and Death metal bands.Between November of 1999 and May of 2000 the debut album was recorded. The CD was recorded in a semiprofessional studio. However it was able to give a cold sound to the recording. The mcd takes the attention of the underground secene and recieves good reviews.

In the begining of 2000 Maligner leave the band and Drizzt & Vanth take charge of the vocals.That year Orgall, a second guitar, enters Empty.In November and December Empty make a mini-tour over Spain and play a gig in Madrid with IMMORTAL and PRIMORDIAL. In February a second edition was out by Atlantida rec. in B/W and with Lyrics included.

In the middle of 2001 Sergh quits Empty and Damastor take his chair. In the late 2001 , winter, A Source Of Hollow Essence is recorded in a professional studio. This album take the attention of Blackened Moon from USA and they decided to edite the album that is out about December of 2002. It has been a noticeable improvement as far as technical skills and darkness in the music concerns. A Source Of Hollow Essence is darkest and with more feeling.

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