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Biography : Dirty Shirt

In the middle of the 90's, former members of a rock project (Eclipse) decide to form a new band, called Dirty Shirt. The first demo is released in '96, entitled “Alone”. Even if the main influences are from alternative and progressive metal, the band adds originality and its personal touch, including very heterogeneous elements.

For the following three years the band performs at several concerts and festivals in Romania, often winning important awards. It is in 1999 that Dirty Shirt receives the first award at Top T Buzau Festival, which consists of a studio record. Furthermore, in 2000, the band realizes its first album, “Very Dirty” (Promusic Prod) and performs in a series of concerts and is invited for several national festivals. A new demo is released in 2001, “Contradictie”.

After a break for three years, Dirty Shirt is coming back with two demos “Revolution” and “Different”, with new musical directions: more Industrial and Experimental, the Progressive touch being less present. A new demo called "Povestea lu' Sandu Porcu" is recorded. in 2007. During this time the band made tours several times in Romania, Hungary, France and Belgium (with Tripod, Babylon Pression, Zeroscape, Superbutt...) and played some major festivals in Romania (Maximum Rock, Samfest, Rock la Mures, Top T, East West Fest) sharing the stage with bands like Overkill, UDO, Crematory, Lake of Tears…

In 2009 the band prepares the new album “Same Shirt Different Day” (recorded at Kallaghan Studio in France and mastered at West West Side Music, in USA) which contains new songs and some “hits” from previews demos. “Same Shirt Different Day” is a human album showing Dirty Shirt’s personality from different angles: funny, aggressive, melancholic, crazy, and why not, sometimes intelligent. Naturally you will find influences from heterogeneous styles: metal, industrial, Romanian folk music, funk, electro…Musically, Dirty Shirt consists of two singers with complete opposite styles (singing in Romanian, English, French and Gipsy Serb) combined with aggressive riffs, groovy bass lines, percussive drums and atmospheric keyboards.

Now, Dirty Shirt is ready and impatient to take the roads for Dirty Tour 2010 to promote its music across Europe…

Source : http://dirty-shirt.com/Bio/bio.html