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Biography : Defiled (JAP)

Hailing from the land of "The Rising Sun" Tokyo's Defiled was birthed in
1992. Being based in such a big crazy city, the Defiled sound is a product
of their surroundings. Technical, brutal and precise the band manages to
stay unique in a genre that is typically dominated by the western world.
The earth witnessed the release of two demos in the early 90's and one self
financed mini CD titled "Defeat of Sanity" in 94. This paved the way for the
band's multiple live shows that can only be described as "devastating"!
These have included opening slots for the likes of Cannibal Corpse in their
homeland of Japan in 96, and on frequent international tours. In 98, the
band toured the states with genre legends Incantation, and in Japan with
Testament, Morbid Angel, Vader and Arch Enemy. These tours brought Defiled a
lot of intense publicity for sure.

1999 saw the release of the bands fist full length recording "Erupted Wrath"
on U.S. based Nightfall/Terrorizer Records. Recorded by Brian Griffin
(ex-Broken Hope, Em Symphonia) at Quali-Tone Studios in Chicago and mixed by
non other than Genre Legend Jim Morris at Morris Sound Studio in Tampa

The same year saw Japan's first band ever to play North America's Milwaukee
Metalfest and New Jersey Metal Meltdown, which they have played now for four
consecutive years! In 2000, toured Europe for three weeks with Dementor and
Malaysia with Sil Khannaz.

In 2001, released the full length "Ugliness Revealed". Once again mixed by
Tom Morris at Morris Sound the record saw release via the U.S. based
Baphomet Records through Necropolis. The record had great responses from all
over the world, and even future established the bands reputation for
quality, yet chaotic music.

In 2002, Season of Mist (France) joins forces with the band and records the
third album "Divination", once again mixed by genre legend Jim Morris. Which
was unleashed on the world May 12th 2003.

In 2004, toured 19 countires in Europe for five weeks with Norweigan black metal
legend Mayhem and got huge successes.

Get ready for the severe Brutal Death Metal attack from the East!! For the sun is
no longer the brightest thing to arise from the Eastern lands, and shall forever
scorch the earth!

Source : http://www.defiled.info/