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Celesty, formerly known as Celestial, was formed 1998 by drummer Jere Luokkamäki. He had dreamed about a band for a long time. First line - up was totally different than today, but original members are Jere Luokkamäki and Ari Katajamäki.
1999 Tapani Kangas, decided to join the band guitarist. After few weeks of playing Tapani and Jere started to have an idea what kind of band they are looking for. After a short time they decided to fire members and replaced them with new members.

At summer 1999 Celestial went to studio, and they made a short demo for themselves, and after a short listening they decided to fire that time vocalist. Year 2000 didn´t start so well: Tapani and Ari went to the army and there was left only Jere, Ari and Tapani in the band. They changed name Celestial to Celesty and Jere, Ari and Tapani started looking for a functional and first- rate line-up.

At spring 2000 Tapani found guitarist J-P Alanen, and he decided to join the band. J-P already knew vocalist Kimmo Perämäki, and Celesty asked him to participate with the band. Kimmo joined Celesty, and at autumn 2000 Celesty booked studio for their first demo. Demo ``Warrior of Ice´´ was released at spring 2001, and name Celesty began to sound familiar in people´s ears. Jere found keyboardist Juha Mäenpää at spring 2001, and now Celesty started to be what the band had been looking for.

After couple of gigs with Sonata Arctica, and some smaller gigs in Finland, they went to studio at March 2002 to make their second demo. ``times Before the Ice ´´got a great receiving everywhere, and band also noticed the huge difference between the old and the new demo.

Record companies also started to contact Celesty, and Celesty signed a deal with Arise Records at spring 2002. Celesty entered into Fantom Studios (Fin) for the recording of their debut album ``Reign Of Elements´´ in August 2002. During these recording sessions Celesty recorded a cover of the Helloween´s track ``The Chance´´ to be included in the album ``The Keepers Of Jericho´´- A Tribute To Helloween Part II. Jani Liimatainen - Sonata Arctica - recorded a fantastic solo in the track ``Revenge´´.

On 2.12.2002 you´ll discover a new horizon in the metal scene.

In late September 2005 the band signed a new contract with the German label Dockyard 1.

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