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Biography : Bulletrain

Bulletrain is built on having lots of fun and dreaming big. In 2006 the demo “1000 miles an hour” was recorded and the guys in the band figured they just might got the start line of something big.
The youngsters in the band got fired up and pretty early in 2007 they'd hit the studio again for the recording of their second demo. After struggling in the studio over some time “Johnny Gonebad” was released. With this release the band got out to play some shows but not until 2008 it started for real. Bulletrain entered a local but major music contest and after a lot of sweat, beer and most of all, fun, they managed to finish third. After this a couple of really appreciated shows followed, on to name a few; the local scene “The Tivoli” and Stockholms finest rock club “Club Riot act”!
With a great demo in the back and a kickass live act, the name Bulletrain started to grow and was soon to be found all over Sweden and the rest of the world. After riding the wave of Johnny Gonebad it was time to hit the studio again in 2009. This time the band went all in and recorded a killer EP named “Turn It Up!!”.
With “Turn It Up!!” out in the open, Bulletrain has set the sails for the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!

And that's just the beginning...

Source : Jonas (drummer)