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Biography : Bone Gnawer

Originally conceived in 2008 - as the death metal horror project known as: REVOLTING - together with Kam Lee of {MASSACRE/ex-DENIAL FIEND/ex-MANTAS/DEATH} & Rogga Johansson of {RIBSPREADER/PAGANIZER/DEMIURG/REVOLTING}, which was to be a "computer recorded project" only - that was set to release a debut album sometime in late 2008.
However, things changed once the axe was swung, heads got loped off - and more mutant freaks joined in on the slaughter fest!

Once band members Ronnie Bjornstrom of {TAEDEAT/RIBSPREADER/HATE AMMO} and Morgan Lie of {NAGLFAR/HATE AMMO} became involved, this project became more of a "real" band.
It transformed from being a simple "project" into a morbid creature of gore - morphing and transmutated into what is now planned on being a "full time band".
And so it was decided by all the members involved that it would be best to seperate the band from the REVOLTING moniker and to re-create it as an all new band.

And that band has now become: BONE GNAWER!

Taking the themes, concepts and influences from modern day anthropophagus - BONE GNAWER's over all theme is that of Cannibalistic Mutants and Fleash Eating Freaks!

The music is a simple assault of old school brutal style 90's Swedish death metal with other pure classic ancient US/FL death metal influences as well as taking influences from classic 80's style death-thrash!
The ultimate goal for all the members of BONE GNAWER is to musically bring back the hook & groove to death metal music. With catchy chomping gut ripping guitar riffs, grooving skull smashing drum beats and hook and barb catchy lyrics and chorus parts! With the lyrics based on twisting the bizarre, the insane, and the utter macabre world of modern cannibals and psychotic serial killers; as well as taking loose influences from horror movies with the same themes.

With a lyrical touch of dark humor and a blend of catchy but horrific hooks and guitar riffing that is just pure aggressive strait forwards old style death metal - BONE GNAWER's style is sure to draw you in comfortably close and then relentlessly smash away at your skull with a hammer, cleave your body into seperate parts, and then cook you up on a grill for cannibal consumption!

Source : Band's Offical Myspace (http://www.myspace.com/bonegnawerband)