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Biography : Blazing Eternity

Blazing Eternity was formed in '93 by Nattevogter PTM (vocals), Morten Sauron Lybecker (guitar), B.S. (bass) and Herr Lars Korsholm (drums) under the monicker Ancient Sadness and recorded their debut demo "Tragedies" the very same year.
"Tragedies", however, was never released due to the band's dissatisfaction with the sound, tracks etc. The band used some more time rehearsing new and much better tracks in the atmospheric, semimelodic vein prior to the fast, raging black/death material in the past.

In December '95, the demo "Over Sorte Heder" was recorded. 5 tracks of black/night/gothic/doom metal. Shortly after the recordings bassist B.S. left the band. Blazing Eternity kept on rehearsing for half a year before finding new bassist Hunger Darkenfald in August '96.

Meanwhile, "Over Sorte Heder" was promoted to various labels, 'zines, distributors and radios all over the world and received loads of good reviews and were even the best selling demo in Copenhagen-based shop Metalized Records since Konkhra's "Malgrowth" in '92. Also, it was chosen as "Metal demo of the month" in Denmark's biggest teenage/music magazine Mix in June '96. .

Blazing Eternity did also receive some offers from various labels, but decided not to be one of these typical "signed-after-one-tape" bands, and started concentrating on a new demo before signing to any label, as the band knew they could do much better than the "Over Sorte Heder" demo.

In October '96, a danish film/media school asked the band to do a video to the "Over Sorte Heder" with them, which the band of course accepted at once. To the same occasion the band recorded a new and much better version (with synth) of the track, which later appeared on the "Encyclopedia Pestilentia"-compilation CD released by french Velvet Music.

In September '97, Blazing Eternity went to the Soundzone Studios in Copenhagen to record the new demo "Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterbøge". 3 tracks with a total playing time of approx.23 minutes were recorded - once again with producer Jonas Chonovitsch. The result was much better than "Over Sorte Heder" and showed a much more melodic, atmospheric, well-structured and melancholic side of Blazing Eternity.

This time the band choose to focuse more on the "Night Metal" monicker as the black metal influences are smaller on the new recording than previous recordings. However, nordic night metal with influences from black & doom metal and gothic rock would be a suitable description.

"Der Hviler En Nat Under Sorte Vinterbøge" was supposed to be released in January '98, but was heavily delayed because of a certain danish printing "Factory" which fucked up big time, and ended up not being able to find the disc with the lay-out. This delayed the band for 4-5 months, but a new printing factory was found and "Der Hviler…" finally saw the light of day in June 1998.

Blazing Eternity used the "delayed" months to play some gigs with bands such as Ragnarok (Norway), Dawn Of Oblivion (Sweden), Gothic Domain (Denmark), Abdunor (Denmark) and Saturnus (Denmark).

For the live situations, as well as on the demo tape, Blazing Eternity chose to incorporate two new "guest"-musicians. These were Kim Larsen and Anders Nielsen of danish premiere doom/goth metallers Saturnus. Kim contributed with a few guitarleads and Anders did all the keyboard work.

In December 1998 Blazing Eternity signed a recorddeal with German label Prophecy Productions for two albums. This label has a very good reputation as the best European dark metal label, with such great acts as Empyrium, Paragon Of Beauty, Nox Mortis, Dornenreich etc...

The debutalbum, "Times And Unknown Waters", was recorded in fall of 1999, with the final touches added later the same year. The recordings took place in Zeltingen Rachtig, a small German town on the banks of the beautiful Mosel River - the perfect surroundings for these recordings to take place.

Prophecy Productions released the album in June 2000, just in time for the band to be playing at the prestigious ROSKILDE FESTIVAL, which this year also included bands such as Nine Inch Nails, The Cure and Iron Maiden ...

With "Times And Unknown Waters" a new chapter of not only Danish metal history, but also a new chapter on the Worldwide Dark Metal scene has begun.

In November 2000 the band decided to find a steady keyboardist to add to the line-up since Anders would be too busy with Saturnus. Around the same time Kim left Saturnus (for whom he had always been the main songwriter) and decided to concentrate on his two new projects; Of The Wand & The Moon (dark, ambient, medieval music) and The Loveless (a continuation of Saturnus-style doom / goth), as well as spending more time with Blazing Eternity, where he is now considered a permanent member.

Also in late 2000 the band parted ways with bassist Magnus Darkenfald. A new bass player was found in Anders I. Kristiansen, who fits perfectly in with the rest of the band.

A small tour of Denmark (together with Norwegian black metal band Borknagar) took place in the spring of 2001 with the keyboards being played by Jeppe Eg of Danish power metal act Manticora.

In early May 2001 the band went on yet another mini-tour, this time throughout Germany, together with label mates Dornenreich, Mysterium, Nox Mortis and Paragon of Beauty - the German fans loved Blazing Eternity, and the tour went great. As stand-in keyboardist on this tour, Peter Jensen from Danish gothic/progressive metal band Sinphonia stepped in at last minute. And just three weeks after this tour, the band once again headed down to Germany for participating in the well-known "Gotik & Dark Wave Festival".

Blazing Eternity is currently concentrating their energy on writing new songs for the next album, which they plan to record in 2002. Some of the new songs have already been played live and it's safe to say that we can expect yet another masterpiece from Blazing Eternity.

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