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Biography : Blackness (FRA)

2000 : The Thrash revival is alive ! "Crush...Unleash the Beast" and "Dawn of the New Sun" both symbolize the fusion between the best of European and American Thrash. We immediately think about Kreator, the golden era of old Metallica, Testament, Destruction among others...

The present : The band has grown up but is still faithful to its musical background. Blackness has learned a lot during their short but yet promising career.

Since the cult album "Dawn of the New Sun" has been sold out for ages, a re-print will come to stores in 2008. The massive production still sounds very actual, pushing 11 epic tracks, raging and powerful !

Blackness is into musical fury. Between brutal accelerations, anthologic riffs, furious breaks and intense rythms, the band succeeds in including melodic parts to bring a bit of fresh air into their intense and thick music with brillant guitar duets and solos, reminding the Adrian Smith / Dave Murray style.

This "extended version" of "Dawn of the New Sun", with 3 bonus titles, is a real godsend for all headbanger maniacs into real Thrash like the one played by Testament, Exodus and Destruction.

The third album is on the way and Blackness is ready to take the road again to achieve the work they began 8 years ago !