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Hell comes to Essen : "This album was recorded during the World Domination-tour in December 1997, and it really captures the energy and insanity of a BEWITCHED show. This recording is a very honest documentation of the gig, over-dubs has not been made, nor has any mistakes been corrected. This is exactly how BEWITCHED sounded that hellish night... "Hell comes to Essen" is also the first album released since the departure of old guitarist and vocalist Blackheim. Session-guitarist on this recording, the live-tracks only, is Spider from Swedish thrashers Guillotine. Two bonus tracks can also be found; "Born To Be Wild", in a rather different version than the original one, written and recorded in the late sixties by Steppen Wolf. Secondly, "Sabbath of Sin" which is a brand new BEWITCHED track. This is merely a rehearsal recording, the final version can be found on the up-coming album "At The Gates Of Hell", which will be released in the beginning of 1999. Until then... Trash' till Death

Rise Of The Antichrist : "The Hellcult is on the prowl again, blessed with evil, and stronger than ever. The fourth assault on all that is holy, "Rise Of The Antichrist", has been unleashed upon the world. An album harsher than before, filled with aggression and hatred, this release is a step back towards the sound on "Diabolical Desecration" and "Pentagram Prayer". Nine tracks of blasphemy, nine tracks of Hell, nine tracks that marks the death of all that that was once pure inside the listener. "Rise Of The Antichrist" is a bullet in the skull of those christian souls who disbelieved in the power of BEWITCHED. BEWITCHED is here to stay. The future bears the Devil´s mark. You better deal with it because the Hellcult is here to rape and kill..."

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.osmoseproductions.com