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Biography : Ascendancy (CZ)

ASCENDANCY is progressive power metal band from the Czech republic formed in spring 2009. Group has been started by guitarist and songwriter Libor Kukula, who wanted to go in different musical directions than in bands he previously played in. In spring of 2009 band posts first demorecordings on czech music server Bandzone. These demorecordings found their first listeners suprisingly fast and band receives first offers to play gigs.

In November of 2009 band records it´s first EP called The Primacy Of Reason and starts preparations for their first tour. This tour takes place in March of 2010. Because of many offers from promoters band plays 15 concerts all over the Czech Republic instead of 9 originally planned.
Bands receives many good reviews on The Primacy Of Reason EP and therefore plays gigs with stars like Blaze Bayley and Equilibrium. On SignMeTo music page of Roadrunner records band has been rated between top ten artists for four weeks straight.

Now the band is preparing first full length conceptual album which will be released during spring 2011.

Source : www.ascendancy.cz