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Biography : Arcadia (JAP)

ARCADIA was born in August 2000, a six piece Jmetal collective based in Tokyo, Japan.
ARCADIAs popularity in the thriving Tokyo indie scene quickly grew.
By 2005 ARCADIA had distributed four demo EPs and was selling out popular venues with its increasing fanbase.

ARCADIA made their debut with the album 'Tales of Fantasia' released on SOUNDHOLIC, September 28, 2005.
ARACDIA regularly plays to sold out live houses (venues) and headlines many events.
ARCADIA has achieved various media appearances (e.g. The Asahi Shimbun medical Asahi magazine, August 2006 issue)In March 2007 ARCADIA lauched its own event, 'Destiny of Justice', supported by SOUNDHOLIC.
Tickets soldout and the event was a smash.

Following this success ARCADIA recorded its second album, 'Flight To The Rainbow', which was supported by Takuya Kitamura of AZRAEL.
'Flight To The Rainbow' builds upon the concepts of 'Tales of Fantasia' and is released October 24, 2007.

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Source : http://www.myspace.com/arcadiajapan