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Biography : Angels And Enemies

“ANGELS AND ENEMIES” was founded in 2007 by the guitarists Dirk Meurer and Stefanie Roth, enhanced by Marc Würzebesser (Vocals), Felix Berger (Bass) and Daniel "Malong" Maaß (Drums).

The musical adjustment is reflected in the Bands name: It is a duel between good and bad, a collision of beauty and brutality, moments full of melancholy and desperation transform into hate-fulfilled scenarios. A malicious bastard from traditional Metal, Hardcore and Melodic Death Metal elements, characterized and shaped by the influences of the single musicians.

In June 2007, Angels and Enemies already entered the “Head-Crack-Studios” and recorded their debut E.P. "And Scars Remained", followed by some first successful liveshows and a quick establishment in the underground Metalscene.

Merchandise and E.P were sold out soon, which speaks for the constant success and the growing popularity of this 5 piece bunch. During 2008, the Band began to write fresh material for their new CD. Vocalist Marc decided to do most of the lyrics in german this time. The reason for this big step was, that some very personal feelings that he would like to express were easier for him when using his native language.

At the end of the year they started the recordings at Hellcamp Studio (Producer: Daniel Dudek). Release of "THE LYKE WAKE DIRGE" will be 27-April-2009.

Source : www.myspace.com/angelsandenemies