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There was a word in the very beginning... For the band called AMON it was not a word of God, but a word of Jiri Big Boss Valter, who saying that kicked the singer Železo /alias Dr. FE/ out of the band Root. And so Zelezo who had spent a year doing almost nothing, put in September 1989 the band called Amon together, taking up there the post of vomiting. The members of the firstborn line-up were: Ales Krejci (bass), Lada Toman (guitar), Karel Bosak (drums) and "Zelezo" (vocals), whom some of the resources used to call the "Black Metal narrator" at those times... In May 1990, the band recorded their debut demo-tape called "Rise Zla" (The Realm of Evil), in the Chickenhouse studio in Brno. It takes about 40 minutes and includes 6 songs entitled: Darebák Ježíš (Jesus the Rascal), Øíše Zla (The Ream of Evil), Luciferùv svìt (Lucipher´s World), Svìtová zkáza (The World´s Destruction), Synfonie hrùzy (Symphony of Horror), and Black Metal. In the end of August 1990 the axeman "Larva" /ex-member of Asgard/ joined the band and right from the beginning he became a motive power of the band. With the new member Amon recorded their second demo-tape called "Kniha Smrti" (The Book of Death). It happened in March 1991 in Contraptak studio in Brno. The tape includes 7 songs lasting over 45 minutes of playtime and the song-titles are: Hranice (Bonfire), Inferno, Kniha smrti (The Book of Death), Syn Satanuv (Satan´s Son), Víra (Faith), Epitaph of A. Crowley, and Smrt kráèí na Velehrad (The Death Comes to Velehrad) that was dedicated to the visit of Pope Jan Pavel II in the Czech Republic. The quality of the second record was a bit better than their first demo.

AMON After that act, there two members left the band, concretely the guitarist Toman, who was not quite happy with the band´s views as far as the religion was concerned and also had some problems with his family, and the bass-player Krejèí, who joined the army. His part was occupied by Zdenal Schmidt. This new team (including Larva, Zdenìk and Zelezo) put their heads together and the third demo came out in the summer of 1992, which was later becoming a legendary work "Volejte Pána!!!" or 'Call the master !!!', on which also for example Big Boss appeared as guest on the additional vocals. In a trimmed form /without one song/ this piece was released in 1993 as CD version by German Nazguls Eyrie Prod. The titles of tracks were: Znamení pentagramu (The Sign of Pentagram), Nábožné svinì (Religious Swines), Kolobìh smrti (The Cycle of Death), Na hrobì (On the Grave), Steve Ryder, Splattercore Moovie, Volejte Pána (Call the Master) and cover-version of Celtic Frost´s "Into the Crypt of Rays". In the beginning of 1993, Amon began to put new compositions together for the next album. Instead of the bass player Schmidt, there a new one Fana Medek joined the band. This time the CD "Call the Master !!!" was released just in Germany, but being without Schmidt´s song "Fire Blood Bones Skulls And Satanas". Those who know the song can appreciate this as a rare. On the definite wish of Nazguls Eerie´s manager the band adapted their name to Amongoeth... Then a time full of problems with the line-up came as the drummer Karel was forced to join the army service. After some time Amon got a substitute on the post of drummer, but the activity of band was limited to a few live actions only those times. The result of that era is just the live-tape "Alive In Hell" recorded in January of 1993 in Brno. A video-record of this gig came out seven years later and was released for the big request of their fans. The tape in the total time of 35 minutes included seven songs called: Tøetí Enochiánský klíè (The Third Enochian Key), Splattercore Moovie, Kolobìh smrti (The Cycle of Death), Nábožné svinì (Religious Swines), Na hrobì (On the Grave), Znamení pentagramu (The Sign of Pentagram), and Volejte pána (Call the Master).

In the end of 1995, after big problems, Amongoeth recorded new stuff called "The Worship" in the following line-up: Larva (guitar, keyboard), Fana Medek (bass), Dr.FE (vocal) and Karel Bosák (drums). The songs were: Bohoslužba (The Worship), Konfrontace (Confrontation), In Love With Satan, Hells Angels, Èerné dílo (Black Work), and Židák Knìz (Jewish Priest) in total time of 53 minutes. It was released as CD in 1998 by Nazguls Erie again... BARBARIAN WRATHThe year 1996 brought out again problems within the band. The drummer quit the band and they failed to find a substitute for him. Then Dr.FE got tired of that all and joined the world of two wheels instead of continuing in musical activities.... In the end of 1996 the band forbore to exist actually. The two remaining members /Larva + Fana/ joined another band from Brno, called Asgard and with them they recorded a new demo... The year 1999 seemed to be the right time for better times to come. A new drummer Mirek Šabata was found, and so together with Larva and Fana they created a new work in the spring of 2000 in the George Lukas studio. This stuff was released by their own finances in May of 2000 under the title "In The Shade Of Death", including the following tracks: Intro, Køížové výpravy (The Crusades), Zvon osudu (The Bell of Fate), Boží vùle (God's Will), Princ Vlad (Vlad the Prince), Probuzení (Awakening), Pøíchod (Arrival), Úmrtní lože (Obituary Couch), Cesta životem (The Way of Life) and In The Shade Of Death. Also the 'lost son' Zelezo participated on the part of vocals in two songs on this album. The band was acting again under their original name -AMON. At the end of 2000, there the tape and CD versions of materials "Øíše Zla" and "Kniha smrti" was released as re-editions through Slovakian label Osiris Productions... The 24th January of 2001, there Amon was afflicted by a tragic accident as two members - the bass-player Fana Medek and drummer Mirek Sabata died in a car on a way from the studio Exponent in Slovakia, where just a new promo material was recorded.

Due to the mentioned events, Larva started to prepare a new CD that should be a certain honour to the memory of dead Amon's members. The CD is entitled Zrození smrti (The Birth of Death) and it was released in February 2002 by the German label Barbarian Wrath. The album includes the following songs: Intro,Brána v podsvìtí(The Gate of the Underworld), Temný stín(Dark Shadow), Usir, Zrození, (The Birth),Píseò zrádcù(The Song of Betrayers), Poselstvi(The message), Nábožné svinì(Christian Pigs),Na hrobì(On the grave), Steve Rider, Nad rakví (Over the Coffin),Memento and as increase Sing of the Pentagram,Circle of Death, Splattercore moovie,Into the Cryps of Rays and Call the Master !!! .The lasting time of the album is about 73 minutes. Now Larva completes a new line-up which should continue in the band activities. The new drummer became Mr.Dracul and the vocal part got in possession of Dr.FE again.

In January of 2004,Amon recorded new stuff called "Return Of The Black Metal" in the following line-up: Larva (guitars,bass,vocals),Mr.Dracul (drums), Dr.FE (vocals). The songs were: Temná vìž,Orgie,Chrám, Beltebor,Rezavý meè,Pøekonej svou smrt,Poslední cesta,Mor,Prolog,Lucifer and Black metal in total time of 42 minutes.

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