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Biography : Amesoeurs

During Summer 2004, Amesoeurs was formed by Neige (also member of Alcest and Peste Noire), Audrey Sylvain and Fursy Teyssier with the purpose of creating music that reflects the dark side of the industrial era and modern civilization.

A few songs were immediately written and the band performed one gig. Shortly after, Fursy Teyssier decided to leave the band to go back to his studies. In April 2005, a first MCD entitled "Ruines Humaines" was recorded. The band sent it to a few labels but had to wait 2006 to see its release through German label Northern Silence Productions. Amesoeurs has worked with the photographer Isabelle Hanssen for the pictures of "Ruines Humaines" and the graphic designer Fursy Teyssier so as to create a visual environment which perfectly suits the music.

The band is currently writing new songs for a full-length album. The musical style of Amesoeurs will develop towards something more powerful, electronic and depressive.

Source : http://www.amesoeurs-music.com/