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Biography : Alkemyst

ALKEMYST evolved from 1992 to 1999 under the patronym of ENDLESS (a name already used by another band unfortunately). The band formed a steady line-up in 1998. At last getting the opportunity to offer the audience their music under the best circumstances, the quintet performed several live concerts, and played a metal music inspired by German speed metal bands like HELLOWEEN, BLIND GUARDIAN and SCANNER, combinated with the dark riffing of some heavy/thrash gods like VICIOUS RUMOURS or ANNIHILATOR, tinged with progressive influences (RUSH, ARK, DREAM THEATER…).

In September 1999, ALKEMYST recorded their first 2 track demo CD called A Path to Heaven, at the NSR studio (DREAM CHILD , DRYADE …) which was praised by critics and fans from France and all around the world. The orders from people willing to listen to the demo started to flood. Meanwhile, the band played as often as possible, and performed about twenty concerts until 2001, opening for French bands like DREAM CHILD and DYSLESIA. In September 2000, the band and their singer, parted ways. Having failed to replace with another French singer, ALKEMYST decided to search for their frontman in Italy where they found the right vocalist in the person of Ramon Messina well-known for his work in the symphonic metal band SECRET SPHERE.

Thus, the newly formed team planned the recording of their first album Meeting In The Mist during Summer, 2001. The recording of the album took place at the NSR studio again, between June and July 2001. But a serious breakdown of hard disk had erased the album. Only two tracks almost entirely mixed were saved, plus two unmixed and unmasterized demo versions. This new “demo” enabled the band to win the ROCK HARD (France) magazine's competition in october 2002. As a consequence, the song “It's Time” appeared on the sampler CD sold with the magazine, among bands like SYMPHONY X, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN…ALKEMYST had no choice but to record the album again between June and August 2002.

No disaster occurred, and the album, mastered at the Finnvox Studio, Helsinki, was finalized without any trouble. To define the musical style of the album, it can be said that Meeting in the Mist somewhat stands away from the traditional Speed Melodic genre the band had been practicing a few years before. ALKEMYST do not give up their inclinations for heavy-speed; however the material gets both more aggressive and technical, with richer arrangements, powerful choirs and oniric atmospheres which sometimes mix the most vicious heavy metal riffs with rock or even some more funky rhythms, giving a more personal touch to the whole.

ALKEMYST enter the world of the Greats with the giant label Nuclear Blast (HAMMERFALL, HELLOWEEN, etc.). The first album of the band is born on june 30th 2003.

Today, we are preparing our next album (it will be available in 2005) and still go on stage as many times as we can. We hope the things will be good for us in the future...

Source: Label Officiel: http://www.nuclearblast.de