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A Perfect Circle is Maynard James Keenan"s musically talented new group, it is not a side project. Tool is not gone for good though, Maynard looks forward to start recording the Tool album after this year"s Canadian Somersault tour finishes. Maynard will have 3 weeks off at this point, and he will start to record the next tool album if the other band members are ready. Maynard has been trying to fire the other tool members up in recent interviews, so as to make sure they will be ready when he comes off from tour. FYI: Maynard wears a wig for APC concerts and photo shoots, he is still as bald as ever. As "Recreational Racism", Maynard and others played a series of covers country-style at the Viper Room in LA on August 15, 1999. Later that night, a new band called "A Perfect Circle" played their first public show.

The band was started by Billy Howerdel (maynards ex-roommate) and Paz, and came to feature Maynard only after its inception. They are absolutely phenomenal and may best be described as Tool but ten times better.(ok this was a lie, but I got you to my page, hehe, no band is better than tool, it"s scientifically impossible) It"s a little more melodic and less dark than Tool but with stronger lyrics and more rythm. The songs are phenomenal and are well worth the wait. I recommend Thinking of You, Rose, and Three Libras, but they are all great.

A Perfect Circle released their first album May 23rd which is a cd in which every track is phenomenal. The first single was released on April 17th and it is called Judith. A Perfect Circle are touring with NIN, and will be touring with the Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Eve 6 in this year"s somersault tour in canada and The deftones will even guest star in the tour on the Vancouver date.

(Source: Sing365.com)