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Swiss metal/rock trio 69 Chambers are a minefield of contradictions. A place where brutality meets pop sensibility and down tuned riffs, battering drums and a driving bass collide with infectious melody.

69 Chambers comprise Nina Treml (vocals, guitar), Maddy Madarasz (bass, backing vocals) and Diego Rapacchietti (drums). You might be thinking a band with a line-up like that just can’t be the real deal. But wrong. Nina lays down masses of hefty guitars that chug and grind in a very deliberate fashion as Maddy’s bass bolsters the mood and adds thump to the sound. Diego’s drumming drives the thunderous machine along effortlessly. And then there’s the vocals with more than just an edge of pop. Though 69 Chambers are placed in the widely encompassing brackets of metal/rock, their music refuses to be categorized too easily.

The band was originally formed by the guitar playing frontwoman. Born in Seoul from Swiss parents, Nina spent her first nine years in South Korea and the following seven in Singapore. At the age of 16, she landed herself in Switzerland, where music got a hold of her when she was asked to join a band as a bassist though she had never touched the instrument before. She soon also taught herself to play the guitar and began to write songs. Setting up her own band was only a matter of time.

69 Chambers proved promising from the start. In 2007, 69 Chambers gave their international debut at the «Pentaport Festival» in Incheon, Seoul, where they performed amongst reknowned acts like Muse, Testament and Chemical Brothers. The good response gave way to recording the debut album. After travelling to the U.S. and letting the unfreedom in the «Land of the Free» inspire her, Nina returned with 13 powerful songs in her pocket. She took them to the New Sound Studio in Switzerland and let Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Kreator) produce a full-length album that turned out to be an uncompromising work full of contradiction and variety.

After a somewhat turbulent phase with numerous line-up changes, 69 Chambers were made complete with the joining of Maddy Madarasz on bass who also happens to bring refined singing skills to add in the backing vocals, and brilliant drummer Diego Rapacchietti, an avowed pro since many years.

The debut album «War On The Inside» was released in April/ May 2009 under the label Silverwolf Productions (SPV - Europe, Japan/ Nightmare Records - USA, Modern Invasion Music – Australia). The video clip to the opener «The Day Of The Locust» (directed by Jessie Fisher) can be watched in the media section on this website, on YouTube, Vimeo as well as MySpace.

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