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Biography : 12 Ton Sledge

12 Ton Sledge was originally put together in the fall of 1997 featuring former Corruption bassist Joe Dunn and former UKB singer Scott Davis. The band managed to put together a 5 song demo in 1999 which caught the attention of 98 KUPD's "Into the Pit" heavy metal show, and is still being played to this day. Current "Into the Pit" DJ Marcus Meng saw 12 Ton Sledge live one night and said on the air during his show, "Here is a local band called 12 Ton Sledge, actually caught them last night and they blew me away, great live show man!"

12 Ton Sledge has also played with many national acts including: Sacred Reich, Flotsam & Jetsam, Ill Nino, Crematorium, Pitch Black, Skinlab, Vehemence, Gat Rot and many more. The band has also managed to do shows regionally and have left behind nothing but a trail of crushed skulls. With the recent addition of guitarist Eric McMahon a.k.a. "Eric the Red", guitarist Joe Franco, and drummer Michael Ohlson, the band has turned into one of Phoenix's premier metal acts.

12 Ton Sledge promises to maintain integrity to pure metal and hardcore and stay close to their fans.

Source : http://www.12tonsledge.com