Goat Vulva

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Style Black Metal
Status Split-Up
Formed In 1989
Separated In 1992
Fans 4
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  • Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance

    Vocals, Guitar

    [1989-1992] Beherit, ex-The Lord Diabolus, ex-Frost, ex-Gamma-G, ex-Horny Malformity, ex-Pentagram, ex-Pseudo Christ, ex-Saatana, ex-Suuri Shamaani

Past members

  • Sodomatic Slaughter

    Vocals, Drums

    [1989-1992] Beherit, ex-Kadatheron, ex-Sindeep, ex-The Lord Diabolus, ex-Black Crucifixion, ex-Night Of The Jackalopes, ex-Saatana