Julien Debouny

Name Julien Debouny
Birth date 01 August 1984
Country Belgium
City Unknown

He started guitar at the age of 15, after hearing the song "Enter Sadman" of Metallica and step by step he became a fan of Megadeth, Pantera, Crowbar, Fear Factory, Down, COC and currently more of Veil Of Maya in progressive deathcore.

He learned guitar from 18 to 20 years old with Gérard Jouffroy in Liège. Soon enough, he recorded his own compositions in Gérard’s studio and then at home.

His first real experience began at 20 in a neo-metal band named Noname and, 4 years later, in the band Sinfulness. He recorded the album "Judgment" in 2009. One years later, he left Sinfulness to devote to his own project "A Descent In Graves".

In February 2011, he released his first EP "Realize In Suffering", entirely composed by himself. In January 2012, Julien and ADIG released their first album "From Mourning To Solace", mainly composed by himself too.

Julien Debouny likes playing powerful and rhythmic riffs. Fan of shredding, he practices too in this area. In compositions, he works on melodic and progressive riffs, with a groovy style.

Moreover, he likes ambient and instrumental songs, retrievable on each project he worked on.