Doris Yeh

Name Doris Yeh
Birth date 19 September 0000
Country Taiwan
City Taipei
  • Chthonic

  • Doris Yeh is the bassist of Taiwanese Symphonic Black Metal band Chthonic.

    Doris is nicknamed as "Thunder Tears" in the group.

    She began playing piano at age 6 years and much later the bass (her father is a bassist).

    She began to play bass for itself by including a cover band (Evil Eyes) formed in his school with other friends, a group composed entirely of girls.

    She became part of the group since 1999 and sings a few times over the bass.

    She and Freddy Lim (lead singer) are set of human rights and political activism in Taiwan.

    Her name "Doris" comes from the high school, when her English teacher asked her what name she'd like to wear English (she thought the group "The Cranberries" and its singer, Dolores)
    but the called in the following manner: Do_Ro_Es. Her teacher including "Doris" and she ended up keeping the name.

    She is also the spokesman and leader of Chthonic, she also made the covers of several magazines including: FHM, Revolver and Taiwan HQ.

    In 2009 she made ??her first appearance on television police drama in Taiwanese Cheng Wen-Tang "Tears" by embodying Xuan Xuan.

    Her favorite bands are: Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer, Emperor and At The Gates.