Denis Shaforostov

Name Denis Shaforostov
Birth date 04 May 1992
Country Ukraine
City Donetsk

Denis Shaforostov became popular through some vocal / guitar covers of several post-hardcore / metalcore bands on youtube.

His user name is "above92"

After he gained so much popularity on youtube, he decided to form his own band "Make Me Famous" with his long time friend Sergej Hohlov (bassist, lyricist).

The band is going to release their debut album "It's Now or Never" on march 27th, 2012 (listed on amazon) via Sumerian Records (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Born Of Osiris).

But in the end of 2012, he left the band and joined Russian post-hardcore band "At The Ruins"(now called "Down And Dirty").

Produced albums