Aleksandra Radosavljevic

Name Aleksandra Radosavljevic
Birth date 06 March 1989
Country Serbia
City Leskovac

Alexandra Radosavljevic was born on the 6th of March in Leskovac, Serbia. She's been into music ever since she was 5 years old. At the age of seven she recorded a tape containing children songs. As a participant in many festivals and singing contests in Serbia and abroad, she won many prizes and was acknowledged as a great talent. Her career and popularity hit the roof after appearing in "Serbian Idol" in 2004. Next up, she throws everyone at The Radio Festival to their knees with the song "Reci sad", and wins the Best Debut category. In 2006. she makes her second appearance at The Radio Festival singing "Znam da sam kriva". In the mid 2007. she records and makes a video for yet another song "Jutra ljubavi". At the beginning of 2008. again Alexandra makes an appearance at The Radio Festival with the song "Dosta". Afterwards, she focuses her career as a front girl of a band called Modesty Blaise, performing quite successfully as a club band. In the year of 2009. Alexandra wraps up the material for her first pop-rock album. Besides singing, she loves composing and has already finished a couple of songs that found their way to the hearts of the audience. Most of the songs and lyrics on her album are her handcrafts. In beginning of 2010. Alexandra started collaboration with David Maxim Micic, and she became one of the lead singers for the band Destiny Potato. Other than that, Alexandra is a hard working student, currently moving through her Italian language studies at the University in Belgrade.