Wolfgang Rothbauer

Name Wolfgang Rothbauer
Birth date 24 April 1978
Country Austria
City Unknown


In Slumber




Favored bands: Carcass, Obituary, Hypocrisy, At the Gates, Entombed, Deicide

Actual faves (bands and albums): The Project Hate, Soilwork, Cannibal Corpse (Eaten back to life), Malevolent Creation ( In Cold Blood)

Favored artists: Peter Tägtgren, John Tardy, Jörgen Sandström, Glen Benton and Jason Blachowicz, Paul Masvidal, James Murphy, Bill Steer

Hobbies: Music (thats enough!).

Movies: Alien (all), Alien vs. Predator, U-Turn, Dawn of the Dead (remake), Braindead