Warrel Dane

Name Warrel Dane
Birth date 07 March 1969
Death date 13 December 2017
Country USA
City Seattle

Sanctuary (USA-1)

1985 1991 The Band's Page

Nevermore (USA-1)

Warrel Dane (born March 7,1969) is the lead singer for the progressive metal band Nevermore. He was also formerly singer for the 1980s bands Sanctuary and Serpent's Knight. Dane was trained for five years as an opera singer, and utilizes a very broad vocal range, spanning from low to very high notes. His use of very high notes were more prominent in his Sanctuary and Serpent's Knight days, but are still utilized in Nevermore.

Warrel, along with bassist Jim Sheppard, is a certified chef and formerly owned a restaurant in Seattle.

In June 2007, Blabbermouth.net reported that Dane was going to enter the studio in early August, to record his solo album, tentatively due for release in early 2008. Former Soilwork guitarist Peter Wichers is believed to be involved in songwriting and producing.

Warrel Dane got his first professional music start as lead vocalist of the group Sanctuary, performing on both of their albums. When that group fell to pieces in 1994, he formed Nevermore with two other Sanctuary members.

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