Tapani Kangas

Name Tapani Kangas
Birth date 16 February 1980
Country Finland
City Seinäjoki


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Very soon after my birth we moved to Kauhava, which is a little village (a town nowadays) near Seinäjoki, where i lived until I turned 19 and moved back to Seinäjoki....well....back to the point.....

My parents say that even before I was born i was a huge fan of music. When my Father listened his Deep Purple and Uriah Heep albums I was kicking inside my mother (probably moshing) and when my parents went to see a band play somewhere, I always kicked like hell!

I also have inheritated musical genes from my granfather. My first memory about hearing music is when I was four years old, and my father bought “power slave” album by Iron Maiden, and every time

I heard the “Aces High” I went to the record player and when the song ended i pushed the “restart” button and my father had to let me hear that song again.

Ten years passed and I was in local party with my friends, and then we just decided to start a band, so this was the time I had to buy a electric guitar. I have played my fathers half-acoustic guitar a little, but I wanted a electric guitar and amplifier (my first ones were Applause guitar and Bomber 15W amplifier....ohh...the memories....) i wanted to star playing rock! The first song i practiced and also played with my band was Paranoid by Black Sabbath and that was the beginning of my musical career as a guitar player! The years passed and i played guitar (or sometimes Keyboards, Drums, Bass, or Sing) in many projects and bands, many different music styles from Metal to Punk and Pop to Dark Metal. And everytime i loved the music i played, because I don't care about the style, it is the good music that matters.

The year was 1999 when i heard about this band from Seinajoki that plays powermetal and they had just one guitar player. So i kind of “forced” them to take me to rehearsals, and when i went there i showed some of my riffs (one of them was called “Malmikivi” because it remided me about Yngwie Malmsteen`s style, and Malmsteen converted to Finnish language is like“Malmikivi”) Soon after the rehearsals i joined the band and found a connection with Jere about the style of music, and we started to compose our stuff together.

My role in the band is to be one of the main composers with Jere (...of course with assistance of other band members also) But the story, characters and the whole universe and the “saga” about the land of The Cryon has came out of myself and Jere`s head. And we also write all the lyrics together, and do lots of work with the booklets and the maps and everything....so myself and Jere are kind of the “Managers” of the band.

Tapani KangasI play Fender Stratocaster Deluxe PLUS guitar, which is pretty rare guitar nowadays, and my amplifier is Laney VH 100 R with Marshall 4 x 12 Speaker, the same amplifier set that JP uses also. But I dont have any kind of effects or pedals between the guitar and the amplifier, and I like to keep it that way. The sound should be good and it should come out of the player`s fingers not out from a effectbox.

When playing in live or in studio, my role is to be one of the “rhytm” groups that keep the songs together :) I play “Riff/Lead and Rhytm guitars” This means I play most of the Riffs and melodies and do lots of Shredding. I never was a solo player, and I haven`t ever even tried to learn to play solos. I just focus on the thing i do the best and stick on that. I think world is full of good fast solo guitar players, but there has to be those other guys that play the fast backround to the fast solos :) I also sing backup vocals live and in studio.

My personal favourites as guitar players are Gary Moore, Adrian Smith, B.B King and Kevin Wasserman, I like their style and i like how they also focus on the thing that they do the best and don`t try to be anything else they are. My favourite singers are Eric Adams and Kai Hansen as metal singers because they have powerful but still unique sound n their voice, but I also like other kind of singers, one of my favourites are Dexter Holland from Offspring, because of his own style also. Favourite bands i many, because i like many kinds of music, but to mention some of them i`d say, Manowar, Offspring, Rammstein, Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden and Many more. As i mentioned i like lots of music styles, and i like to keep my knowledge about what is happening in the music scene. I listen radio a lot :)

I also play in a very different kind of band, it is nothing like Celesty and i play guitar and sing in it. The band is called “The Knob” and the music style is Melodic Skatepunk like Offspring and Nofx....yes....you read it right....but as i said and i say it again, i like everything, every style of music, and i like doing this also. (Click here to visit the The Knob homepage) Nowadays i live in Seinäjoki together with my girlfriend Merja (we have been together over 5 years for now....) and i also have a orange cat called “Gabriel” but we call him “Kaapo” id also would like to have a white cat and name him “Michael” and a black cat and name him “Lucifer” so I could have all the arch angels :) This is my story so far....of course it would take a long time to write everything that has happened over the years. But i say that after over 200 gigs with different bands I've had, and almost 12 years of music played with guitar or any instrument, or over 24 years of listening to it. I still can get that feeling of doing the thing i love when playing live or in studio.

And if you have some questions about anything, you can contact me anyway you like (my e-mail is tapani(at)celesty.net

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