Steve Smyth

Name Steve Smyth
Birth date 28 November 1970
Country USA
City Unknown


Vicious Rumors

Forbidden (USA)

Nevermore (USA-1)

2004 2006 The Band's Page

One Machine

Steve Smyth is a guitarist for the heavy metal band, Nevermore. At the time he was asked to join Nevermore, Smyth played in the thrash metal band, Testament. Nevermore had been friends with Smyth prior to his joining of the band. Initially jokingly, he asked if he could join Nevermore. This became a reality in 2004, when Smyth officially joined the band after helping them tour in Europe (according to Smyth, Nevermore's style was more of his liking than Testament's and his decision was nothing personal to the band). He plays guitar in the band along with Jeff Loomis. Between 1996 and 1999 Steve was a member of Vicious Rumors. He also plays in a black metal band Dragonlord formed by Testament's guitar player Eric Peterson.

On April 30, 2006 Steve Smyth released a message explaining to fans that he has been diagnosed with kidney failure due to a congenital birth defect. The whole message may be read on his website.

Steve plays B.C. Rich 7-string warlock guitars.