Pete Way

Name Pete Way
Birth date 07 August 1951
Death date 14 August 2020
Country United-Kingdom
City Unknown

Damage Control (UK)


Mogg Way


Ozzy Osbourne

From 1981 Until 1982 The Band's Page

He began his career when he founded the band Hocus Pocus with Phil Mogg, Mick Bolton and Andy Parker in 1968, which later became known as UFO. In this part of being a bassist, he became one of the main composers until the arrival of the German guitarist Michael Schenker in 1973. After knowing the success in the seventies, he left the band in 1982 since according to him, he did not feel Taste with the commercial tone that the band followed.

After this he participated in the Fastway band and was chosen to be the bassist of the promotional tour of the album Diary of a Madman by vocalist Ozzy Osbourne.2 During the same period he founded his own band Waysted, which during his career had some former members of UFO as Andy Parker and Paul Raymond. 3

In 1992 he decided to join Phil Mogg again to reform UFO, remaining until 2011.2 In 2009 he suffered serious health problems that did not allow them to be part of the recordings of The Visitor, nor his promotional tour. Parallel to UFO, he launched his solo career in 2000 and was part of the Mogg / Way project, as he also participated in two Michael Schenker albums. In 2011, he retired for the second time from the British group.

In 2017, with the help of the writer Paul Rees published his autobiography called A Fast Ride Out of Here: Confessions of Rock's Most Dangerous Man