George William

Name George William
Birth date 11 March 1982
Country USA
City Los Angeles

Save Our Souls (USA-2)

Before George William founded Chiba-Ken in 2003 he lived in the Prefecture Chiba/Japan where the old band neme comes from. After returning into the US he worked as an actor. He had a main role in Tony's 'n' Tina's Wedding where he played Tony.
Later he had an guest role in famous US-TV-series All My Children. He works as a cinematographer and director also. He was cinematographer and directy at the movie THE LAST DAYS OF THE HATE BOMBS an documentary film about the Orlando-based Hard rock band Hate Bombs. He had roles in Sex and the City,
The Day After Tomorrow, Cyberchase, Edison's Horse,Zoot Suit Riot, Hindsight, The Cold, I Got You Babe and Angel.

In 2003 he, Elias Tannous and Jason D'Amelio founded
NY-based band Chiba-Ken. Their first demo was released in 2004 as download on their old web page (page not available anymore).
In september 2005 the band released Faces of the Moment a own produced 7-track-EP. At the beginning of 2006 the band released The Winter Sessions demo which was a big success. They signed at Gotham Records and released their album debut Are We Innocent? at the label. In 2009 they released Hard to Be Human. At beginning of 2010 the band changed their name into Save Our Souls.

William founded Tony Poppa Music where the music of his band is under licence. And he is treasurer at Category-5-Films.