Olavi Mikkonen

Name Olavi Mikkonen
Birth date 1973
Country Sweden
City Unknown

Scum (SWE)

1988 1992 The Band's Page

Amon Amarth

A.A. History: Already played in the band when it started? Sounds weird, but that sort of what happened. I played in scum, which eventually became amon amarth.

Equipment: I play on gibson guitars, explorer for live shows and rehearsal sessions. I use a sg for the more creative sessions home and as a studio guitar. I also use a mesa-boogie, dual rectifier, d’addario ej21 strings, boss tu-2 chromatic tuner and dunlop 0.88 pics.

A.A. Moments: There have been such many great moments during the years, but one of the greatest that have get caught in my head is the recording of avenger. The whole session was a blast, i had a fucking great time and most of all fun happened in the evenings. We were fucking crazy and it is miracle that we didn’t get thrown out from that hotel we stayed at. It’s almost amazing how much booze we consumed during those weeks!

Work: My profession is carpenter so that is basically what i do when i’m home.

Hobbies: I’m pretty much into movies, i try to see everything that comes out. Of course that doesn’t make sense and i only get to see a small fraction, but at least i try? I also try to spend as much time as possible hanging out in the bars nearby with the guys.

Music: Essentially i’m into older material from bands such w.a.s.p. , accept, mercyful fate and motley crue. First two motley crue albums have meant a lot to me, still do and i guess those albums brought me to what i am today. Accept have always been there with albums like “restless and wild”, “balls to the wall” and “metal heart”. Mercyful fates “don’t break the oath” is one of my all time favourites as well as w.a.s.p. “the crimson idol” fantastic albums.

Most of all i guess i like slayer, i have been totally into them since i heard them first time. Probably slayer is the only band that i have liked all of their albums, from the beginning to today. I listen to a lot of other bands than those, but these are the bands and albums i appreciate most.

When i heard death’s first album i was hooked, when “leprosy” came out i was blown away and since then i’ve been into death metal.

I started to play guitar in 1986, i never took any lessons or anything like that. I’ve never been into technical stuff or speed, to me the passion with playing guitar is to create songs and riffs. I actually took drum lessons and i can’t remember why… however, while i’m boasting i can mention that i had the highest grade in music the two last years in collage. Ok, my teacher was a metalhead…

how did i meet the other guys ? I met johan h. The first time on a booze trip to greece, kos in 1991.

Johan was classmate with vesku, who also played guitar in scum. Now days vesku is our light tech and the only guy that have an opinion on the band besides the band itself that counts. Anyway, 3 of us went to kos for 2 weeks, there i heard johan scream and asked him to try out to sing with scum. When we got home we started to rehearse and the rest is history.

Ted rehearsed in the same building as us, (he with eternal oath and we scum). We didn’t have a bass player, the guitarist from eternal oath was our session bass player. Anyway, i didn’t know ted at all. Ted knew hansson (former a.a. And scum guitarist) and hansson invited ted for a rehearsal. That is how i met ted.

I’ve known johan s. Since way back. We both grown up in the same suburb.

Oddly we never jammed together until he rehearsed his first time with a.a. In 1998.

I met fredrik the first time after the first show we did under the name amon amarth. We exchanged addresses to trade our demos, fredrik played with a canorous quitet.

After that we met a few time during concerts we had together. When niko (first a.a. And scum drummer) left our band fredrik was the first we had in mind to replace niko, but it took a few more years until he got on board.