Mike Scaccia

Name Mike Scaccia
Birth date 1966
Country USA
City Unknown




Buck Satan And The 666 Shooters

Rigor Mortis (USA-1)

Mike Scaccia (born in 1966, Texas, U.S.), is an American musician, best known as the lead (and sometimes rhythm) guitarist for the hard rock bands Rigor Mortis, Ministry and The Revolting Cocks.

Rigor Mortis originally formed in 1983 when schoolmates Harden Harrison and Casey Orr met Mike Scaccia. The three shared a love for horror/gore flicks and extremely heavy music, and that recipe helped them create a truly unique form of speed metal that had never been heard before. Within five years they had virtually created the thrash metal scene in Texas and landed a major label deal. In 1988, with Bruce Corbitt on vocals, Rigor Mortis released their self-titled debut album on Capitol Records.

In 1989, Mike Scaccia was asked by Al Jourgensen to join his band Ministry for their 1989-1990 The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste tour. Jourgensen was so impressed by Scaccia's talents that he included him into the band full-time. Scaccia left Rigor Mortis in 1991. He then went on to record and tour for their next album, the platinum-selling smash Psalm 69 throughout 1992. He also played on their memorable Lollapalooza tour.

Throughout 1994-1995, recording began on Ministry's follow-up, Filth Pig. They relocated to Austin where sessions took place. The process was a long and laborious one - equipment constantly malfunctioned, drug abuse ran rampant, and a few members even quit the group (only to later rejoin again). In 1995, Al Jourgensen's home was raided by police due to suspicion of drug possession. Jourgensen was charged with possession of heroin and marijuana, and went on to serve a five-year probation sentence. At the time, Jourgensen suspected Scaccia of the police instigation. They supposedly parted on amicable terms.

In early 2003, Rigor Mortis reformed in Texas to ecstatic reviews. Scaccia was included in the lineup. Also at this time, a clean, sober Jourgensen again asked him to rejoin for touring their new album, Animositisomina. He agreed, and has been performing full-time with them since. The status of a possible Rigor Mortis reunion is unknown.

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