Matt McIntosh

Name Matt McIntosh
Birth date 13 January 1971
Country USA
City Greenwich


1996 1999 The Band's Page

Matt McIntosh (born January 13, 1971 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States) is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter whose musical background begins during his early teens, in the mid to late 80s American hardcore punk movement, having been involved with several bands of varying success and notability.

McIntosh digitally released his home recordings for free as The Basement Demos In November of 2007, which through blogger activity and podcasting helped the effort to emerge as a modest independent success in its initial year. The EP’s eight self-produced tracks fuse elements of rock, post-punk, electronic and folk, utilizing acoustic guitar, keys, strings, found sounds and rudimentary programming, and establishing McIntosh’s role as a solo artist. His lyrics have been noted at times as baring socially conscious themes as well as references to his native New England.

On September 4th, 2012, McIntosh issued Gaffes, Missteps & Horrible Mistakes; a collection of demos and outtakes recorded between 2008 and 2011. Like The Basement Demos, the eight track effort emphasizes a compound of styles and genres including classic/hard rock, electro-indie, symphonic, shoegaze and Americana, with similarly minimal production values. Gaffes, Missteps & Horrible Mistakes was made available free of charge, but with the suggestion of a donation of an unspecified amount to the listener’s choice from a concise roster of charities found on various websites related to the artist.