Malek Ben Arbia

Name Malek Ben Arbia
Birth date 1987
Country Tunisia
City Unknown



- He was born on August 2nd, 1987 in Tunis-Tunisia, He started playing guitar in the summer of 2000 when He was about 13 years old. He first took basic guitar lessons with a guitarist living in his neighborhood and then developed his playing skills using mainly video lessons of well known guitarists. In early 2001, he formed a band called Xtazy(which later changed it’s name to Myrath) with three of his childhood friends. They started playing mainly blues (Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimmy Hendrix) then they got in to heavy metal (Judas Priest ,Metallica, Meagdeth) and into Death Metal. In 2003 he discovered progressive Metal and became a big fan of Michael Romeo and his band Symphony x, so for the next two years he played with his band in local concerts most of Symphony x songs. After four years of playing music written by others, Myrath started writing their own music ,thus in March 2005 they released their first album called ‘’Double Face”. In July 2006 He graduated from M.A.I. (Music Academy International) Nancy-France (promotion Alain Caron) which allowed him to improve his playing and composing skills . In 2007 and after several months of hard work he recorded with my band Myrath our second album ”Hope” produced by Kevin Codfert (keyboard player of the French progressive Metal band Adagio). This album was released woldwide in September 2007 by the French label Brennus Music who signed with Myrath a long term contract ...