Josh Gilbert

Name Josh Gilbert
Birth date
Country United-Kingdom
City Unknown

Josh Gilbert is the current bass player and back-up vocalist for the metalcore band As I Lay Dying. He came from the band This Endearing in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Josh is also known for his passion for restoring vintage combustion engines. He is currently working on an early 1930's model Glieshel water pump. Josh is also obsessed with the ABC television series Lost. He is featured on the band's new album An Ocean Between Us.

Tim Lambesis's Evaluation of Josh, taken from
“ Based on hearing Josh's previous band, we knew he was a great bass player and singer...But when he came out to San Diego to try out and rehearse with us, he ended up exceeding our expectations. Shortly after the try out we invited him to come back and fill in for us on our January U.K. tour. That tour really solidified the fact that Josh is the right guy for us. ”

On As I Lay Dying's latest album, An Ocean Between Us, Josh Gilbert sings the clean vocal choruses of the songs "An Ocean Between Us", "Forsaken", "I Never Wanted", "The Sound of Truth", and "Wrath Upon Ourselves".