John Cooper

Name John Cooper
Birth date 1975
Country USA
City Unknown
  • Skillet

  • John L. Cooper is the lead singer and bassist of the Christian rock band Skillet. He was one of the founders of the band when it was started in 1996.
    His wife, Korey Cooper, joined in 1999 as a piano player, guitarist, and backing vocalist. He is the only member of the band to appear on all seven of their albums. He often talks of how he loves playing on stage, and how he wants to give his all in every performance. He said at the 2006 Rock the Universe festival that the previous year's Rock the Universe was the most fun he had ever had at a show. The festival has been given much support by both the fans and the bands who play it, and Cooper has said on numerous occasions that it is his favorite show to play each year, and has already expressed his desire to return next year.
    He says his favorite state to perform in is Texas; frequently yelling out "Don't mess with Texas". He apparently has a secret obsession with superheroes. According to the July 2007 edition of the magazine Breakaway, he collects life-sized superhero figures, such as Spider-Man and Batman.

    Although he doesn't play keyboard for the band now, John was Skillet's original keyboardist.[citation needed] When he started the band, he played bass guitar, keyboards, and sang lead vocals. John is classically trained on piano, and was also in marching band in high school and college playing trombone. Before starting Skillet, he spent 5 years playing in the band Seraph where he first learned how to rock the crowd, and get the fans involved. During Skillet concerts, in between songs, he frequently tells stories about his mother, who he says was a very devoted Christian, evangelizing people in the grocery store and such.[citation needed] He speaks about the events affectionately although he also admits some embarrassment at the time. She was their church pianist, and taught John how to play. His relationship with his father was a rough one growing up though,[citation needed] and that often becomes the basis for many of Skillet's songs, particularly "Open Wounds" and "The Older I Get". Cooper has a daughter, Alexandria (born in 2002), and a son, Xavier (born in 2005).[

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