George Aspiotis

Name George Aspiotis
Birth date Unknown
Country Greece
City Unknown

Spitfire (GRC)


George Aspiotis commenced his musical career at the age of 12 with classical piano lessons. In 1989 he performed for the first time as the keyboardist with the hard rock act Steeldone. In 1991 he began his collaboration with Nightfall. In the mid-90s, he signed with BMG Greece as a singer for the release of a pop-rock album. He decided to record his own material as a side project in 2006, which resulted in the creation of the band Kingdragon .

He took up classical piano at the age of 12 with HELLEN HALLECKER and continued his piano and theory studies at the National Conservatorium “MANOLIS KALOMOIRIS”. At the age of 16 he started contemporary piano lessons at the Attika Conservatorium, followed by Jazz piano and theory classes with the internationaly renowned pianist and maestro VASILIS TSABROPOULOS. In 1995 he attended vocal lessons with Terry Siganos and at the age of 23 he signs with RIA – BMG – Greece as a composer/orchestrator and singer.
In 1997 he attended sound recording classes with AKIS GOLFIDIS (INSAS-SAE), who later became his instructor. He got his diploma as a sound engineer and music producer for Studio Productions.
He also recently studied the theory of sound and acoustics. He began recording/mixing his music at the young ages on NEVE 8078, SSL 4000 and AMEK MOTZART consoles and analog tape recorders as STUDER A800 and OTARI MTR90 II, next to renowned music producers and sound engineers. He has recorded over 20 thousand hours with various music productions and studios in Greece and Europe. He is big fan of Analog Sound and an expert in music programming, multichannel editing and voice tuning. Today he is occupied as a sound engineer and producer in the studio… his personal goal is to create his own position in today’s music productions.

Produced albums