Brian Calzini

Name Brian Calzini
Birth date 25 October 1985
Country USA
City Orlando

Paddock Park

Sleeping With Sirens

2009 2009 The Band's Page

We Are Defiance

Brian Calzini is the founding member of Sleeping With Sirens, Paddock Park and We Are Defiance.

His musical career started when he recorded a song ''I´ll Swing My Fist'' just for fun together with former ADTR member Tom Denney. He loaded his song up on his myspace-profile. After he loaded up it there Calzini get many positive critics so he started a solo project called Boston B.

He showed his release to a local band in Ocala and formed a band which started as Boston B. Together they released the False Hope EP under that band's name. After that the name changed into Paddock Park.

He worked as songwriter and lead singer. Calzine wrote all textes and composed every song of the debut album ''A Hiding Place For Fake Friends'' which they released under Eulogy Recordings.
While touring Calzini was kicked out of the band. Two days later the second vocalist left band too.
Short time later Paddock Park split up.

In 2009 he formed a band called Sleeping With Sirens. Calzini had appearances on the early band's Demo CDs cause he left the band early. The reason why he left was We Are Defiance another band he founded short after leaving Paddock Park in 2009.

Calzini named the band after a musical called Defiance and the movie I Am Legend where Will Smith played the lead role. Now Calzini workes together with the band on their debut album Trust In Few which is sheduled on March 15, 2011. We Are Defiance signed a contract to Tragic Hero Records. Producer of the album is Tom Denney again.

Calzini listened to Hip hop and Nu metal music before he met members of A Day to Remember. He counts A Day to Remember to his nower musical influences. He lived together with the singer of ADTR. Tom Denney which is a old friend of Calzini lives only 10 minutes away.