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Band Name Xero (USA)
Album Name Xero
Type Demo
Released date 1997
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleNu Metal
Members owning this album1


 Reading My Eyes
 Stick 'N' Move

Total playing time: 12:40

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Xero (USA)

Comment @ RedJackX

18 January 2022

The essence of Linkin Park here

Song per Song

1. Rhinestone
With no intro or buildup, the song starts playing and i headbanging with a heavy riff and fast rhymes, moving through a smoother section and back to the main riff. the song has a little build to the verse and final chorus that was beautiful. definitely my favorite riff on this tape is the main riff on this song.

2. Reading My Eyes
With the introduction of Mr.Hahn and Bob's drums the song shifts the focus between Shinoda's rap and Brad's guitar accompanied by the melodic chorus. is a song that mixes the two things in a balanced way. Highlight for the construction that makes Mark scream in this song.

3. Fuse
Certainly the coolest thing about this song is hearing Mike play with words.
The bridge riff for the final chorus is pretty good, if it wasn't for a nu metal demo, this riff would definitely be a grunge song.

4. Stick'N'Move
It starts with a simple riff that could even be pop punk, it's so simple but it's not bad, it gets the vocals into the rhythm, hip-hop style. I really like this song, it has a really cool groove to headbanging to.

I like the band's sound despite the quality of the recording, it's the essence of Linkin Park here.
Mark Wakefield leaves something to be desired on vocals, but that's because I believe this is not his type of music, as his voice is quite simple, but not unpleasant.
Brad's guitars are really distorted, maybe because of the recording, but it's creative riffs we hear here.
Bob's drums are so simple that it can sometimes be confused with Hahn's samples.
Phoenix's bass here matches Brad's guitar easily, nothing different here.
I will always have the same opinion of Mike Shinoda throughout his work with the band, he knows perfectly well when to contrast rhythm and melody on vocals.
Hahn's samples help a lot to give a unique sound to the band, besides, of course, having two vocalists.
the choruses stay in your head, the riffs are fantastic, the bass is good although common, and the drums are simple.

Xero has a good synergy despite its simplicity. My note for this Demo Tape is 16/20 so yes i liked.

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