Winter's Knight

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Band Name Nox Arcana
Album Name Winter's Knight
Type Album
Released date 10 July 2005
Music StyleAtmospheric Gothic
Members owning this album17


1. Vigil
2. Ghosts of Christmas Past
3. Ebonshire
4. Solitude
5. Crystal Forest
6. First Snow
7. Evening Star
8. Reflections of Long Ago
9. December Winds
10. Phantom Toccata
11. Hallowed Ruins
12. Gregorian Hymn
13. Spirit of the Season
14. Coventry Carol
15. Lullaby
16. Winter's Knight
17. Past Time with Good Company
18. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
19. Veni, Veni, Emannuel
20. Redemption
21. Carol of the Bells

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Nox Arcana

Review @ juliemeo

04 March 2011
Nox Arcana is a dark ambient music group, inspired by old legends and Gothic literature and classical horror. It unites two composers, Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski who create albums ,all on different themes.

Winter's Knight travels to distant lands through enchanted forests and desert plains where only the imagination is still present. We meet there the usual sound effects of the group, such as songs of lost spirits or the ringing of bells of lost churches.

From the first moments, the album takes us on a snowy world by the sound of a blast of cold air, which are already added to the first whispers of souls. The wind forms a choir of ghosts that blends perfectly with the sweet and melancholy atmosphere. Then come in "Ghosts of Christmas Past" the first piano keys, slow, delicate, mournful and repetitive enough that start out this mysterious night hike. Follows the charming "Ebonshire" a peaceful and captivating nature leads us into a forest where only a few choruses of spirits accompanied by guitar furnish this vegetation delighted. Then, not forgetting to mention the subtle "Crystal Forest", the powerful and driving "December Winds", a small homage to Bach "Toccata Phantom" or the popular and enchanting "Lullaby" and How many more I pass ...

Regarding the instruments, apart from the piano, organ and guitar, the synthesizer is commonly used throughout the album and produced the majority of electronic sounds. But, true to the genre, you will not hear any real word. However, lovers can enjoy cool melodies of Gregorian chant, which will clear the space of a moment of solitude that reigns in the land.

Finally, the spirit of the season is felt aware of all these winter walks. Among the entire group's current discography, Winter's Knight is probably the least obscure group. Whatever one can say it is up to its name, "Nox Arcana," which, translated into Latin, would be "Mysteries of the Night" ...

Throughout the album, the melodies are harmonious and relaxing, mysterious, nostalgic, and spellbinding, although they resemble each other at first listen, whether they are long and repetitive, and they pose relatively little contrast between sounds. They thus meet the criteria of any background music and will satisfy the most sensitive fans ... always in search of discovery ...

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