Wind Age, Wolf Age

Band's List Pagan Black Vørgum Wind Age, Wolf Age
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Band Name Vørgum
Album Name Wind Age, Wolf Age
Type Album
Released date January 2012
Labels Self-Released
Music StylePagan Black
Members owning this album0


Limited to 7 copies
1. Heir to the Woodland Throne 04:12
2. The Binding of Gleipnir 08:49
3. Folkvang 06:51
4. Garmr Bays Loudly Before Gnipahellir 04:15
5. An Oath Sworn Upon Ullr's Ring 07:17
6. Lighting the Pyre 03:50
7. Kong Hydnes Haug (Windir Cover) 06:28
Total playing time 41:42

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