Waste Your Time

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Band Name Critic (USA)
Album Name Waste Your Time
Type MCD
Released date 24 January 2014
Labels Self-Released
Music StyleGrindcore
Members owning this album1


1. Congrats on Your Record Sales
2. Hung By Your Ego
3. Productive Recording
4. Independent to the Core
5. Scenester Ignorance
6. Fake Temper
7. Music Shouldn't Be a Career
8. The 5 Second Grindcore Masterpiece
9. The Sheep Plays the Flute
10. "Extreme" Metal Fan
11. Your Taste in Audio Entertainment Fucking Sucks
12. The Noise Crowd
13. Missing the First Blow
14. Carton of Milky Prejudice
15. Crawl Through Your Pipe-Dream
16. Fear Intact
17. Terrorist Invaded the Church, Who Fucking Cares
18. "Caution Emo Ahead"
19. Overrated Core Bands
20. Seemly Cool by Every Second
21. Duct Tape for Mistakes
22. This Scene Fucking Blows
23. The 90's Actually Sucked
24. All These Fucking Trends
25. Kvlt Necro-Sound Muzic
26. Wasted Your Time

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Critic (USA)