Väkijoukko (The Gathering)

Band's List Folk Death Kivutar's Burden Väkijoukko (The Gathering)
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Band Name Kivutar's Burden
Album Name Väkijoukko (The Gathering)
Type Compilation
Released date 2008
Labels Self-Produced
Music StyleFolk Death
Members owning this album1


1. Mead in the Ocean
2. Kærkominn
3. Sanktuarium
4. Cider on the Hill
5. Mortuus Memoria
6. Lemminkäinen
7. Balor's Retaliation
8. Ocean Aphotica
9. Ymir
10. Fjall Stökk
11. Fate of Dubhlinn
12. Svartalfheim
13. The Grave and the Great River
14. Sanktuarium II
15. Morior
16. The Wild Rover
17. Vuoria Valta
18. Barroom Hero (Dropkick Murphys Cover)
19. Boys from County Hell (The Pogues Cover)
20. The Spring (Holy Blood Cover)
21. The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Rapalje Cover)
22. Ending (Windir Cover)

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Kivutar's Burden